Experience the world of wine and spirits, develop a global vision of the product and the marketplace

"Wine and spirits constitute an ever-changing ecosystem, a fragmented industry, a complex yet fascinating one. To gain an understanding of the product and the marketplace it’s necessary to have solid technical bases, but also to be able to assess the financial, economic, marketing and environmental issues, the trends, the opportunities and the constraints. To meet tomorrow’s challenges, students need to have been given the keys, to be guided, and then to develop a global vision.

At the Kedge Wine & Spirits Academy, we rely on an experienced education team which has a fine understanding of the current issues, on our researchers, on our network, our strong relationships with the key players of the trade, in Bordeaux and elsewhere, to pass on knowledge and develop analytical skills. In our specialized Masters programs, we work with some of the most famous figures of the wine and spirits industry, to make sure that pedagogy goes hand in hand with expertise, that our students will be able to accompany the changes of the sector. To shape future wine leaders, we are committed to excellence."

Jeremy Cukierman, Master of Wine

Director of the Wine & Spirits Academy